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3 Ways Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Winter

Summer is over. It hurts us to say that, but it’s something we have to accept and move on from.

It’s fall now, but the season we’re all anticipating is winter. Fall is the time that we prepare for winter to come, so it can be a busy time as a home owner. One thing to always remember when winterizing your home is how much easier it will make your life in the spring.

It’s easy to forget about your air conditioner piled under the snow at the side of your house, but without proper care, it might not be the same come next summer. Luckily, we have one last air conditioner blog before it’s time to turn on your heating system: 3 Ways to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Winter.

We wrote about how rain can’t do much harm to your outdoor air conditioning unit, but snow and ice can be a totally different story.

Here are the top three things to prepare your air conditioner for winter:

  1. To Cover or Not to Cover

One of the most highly debated topics on preparing your air conditioner for winter is whether or not you should put a cover on top of it. On one hand, a cover protects your machine from debris, falling ice and other build-ups that can get lodged in your system over the winter. On the other, covers can cause air flow problems that trap moisture in your system or create a cozy home for an animal looking to stay warm, both of which can lead to damaged parts.

When it comes down to it, the decision is up to you. There is risk to both ways of doing things. There is also the option of only covering the top of your air conditioner. This allows for ventilation through the sides of your air conditioner while still protecting the top. There are some covers specifically designed to do this and they are likely the safest bet.

  1. Cut the Power

Your air conditioner has a power outlet in a small box attached to the wall, it is best to shut this off during the winter. It’s unlikely that there are any electrical problems over the winter, but it is best to keep your machine off so that it doesn’t turn on before you want it to. If your machine starts in the summer before you’re prepared for it, there could be debris or other problems with the machine that could cause damages.

  1. Have Your Equipment Serviced

It’s best to have your system serviced for the winter for many reasons. One, your system is ready when you need it next summer. Two, if your system is dirty it could have the same air flow problems that a cover would cause and can trap moisture in the machine. You can even get your heating system serviced at the same time and be fully prepared for winter.

Before your air conditioner gets tucked in by the snow for the winter, make sure it’s ready for hibernation. Or better yet, call us and we’ll make sure it’s ready.

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