Up to $1000 for 94% AFUE Gas, Propane, Oil Furnaces

Up to $1000 for 90% AFUE Gas or Propane Boiler 


When you call Home Aire Care Heating and Cooling, we respond to your needs quickly, are punctual, and respect you and your home. Your local connection to Service Perfection.

24/7 Emergency HVAC Service

Home Aire Care Heating and Cooling provides 24/7 emergency service for those desperate times when you need help immediately.

VIP Protection Plan

A VIP Protection Plan guarantees appointments and provides valuable maintenance and repair services with annual Loyalty Rewards.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our service department respects your busy lifestyle, and not only schedules convenient appointment times, but values punctuality for your day.


Since 1978, we have continued to serve your comfort needs with dependable and professional HVAC service. We are 100% committed to providing premier comfort at affordable prices.


Tips from HAC for Better Efficiency
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Set thermostat at one temperature. Constant adjusting can cause higher utility costs. If using your thermostat as...

Spring Tips for Heating and Cooling
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Follow these tips to ensure your home has a smooth transition to the very welcome Spring Season!...

Home Comfort News for the Customers of Home Aire Care Heating and Cooling
22 Mar 11:38 pm

Save Money on Heating and Cooling in Trenton, ON Fight Climate Change Home Aire Care is a proud...

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