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Home Aire Care is the best possible choice for making your home more comfortable. For over 40 years, our team of certified HVAC technicians and home comfort advisors have provided service to homeowners throughout Brighton and the surrounding areas.

We are dedicated to providing top-notch customer service experiences and strive to exceed your expectations at all times. Our top priorities are your home’s comfort and safety, and we’re pleased to be your reliable HVAC partner. With Home Aire Care, you can rest assured that your home will always remain warm, refreshing, and inviting, no matter what time of year it is.

Time To Get a New HVAC System? We can help!

At Home Aire Care, we are proud to offer a diverse selection of high-quality HVAC units sourced from the most reputable industry brands. Our promise to you is to work closely with each of you to design a system that perfectly fits both your budget and your needs. Regardless of the specific requirements you have, you can be confident that Home Aire Care will prioritize your best interests. When you choose us, you are selecting an HVAC system that has been meticulously designed just for you, ensuring maximum efficiency and year-round peace of mind. 

You’re opting for not just comfort but a perfect balance of performance and cost-effectiveness for your home when you choose Home Aire Care in Brighton.

When partnering with us, we’ll find you the perfect unit during your complimentary at-home consultation with a professional home comfort advisor. We’ll also give you the inside scoop on our fantastic discounts and flexible financing options so you can save on your new equipment! Speaking of new equipment, all homeowners who meet with us will also get a complimentary new system purchase quote! 

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Whether you need fixes, upkeep, or installation, the Home Aire Care team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! That’s right! We’re even open after hours, on weekends, and on holidays at no additional cost—ever!

Indeed, if your HVAC system malfunctions during a severe heat wave or cold snap, our team of experienced technicians and home comfort advisors will work tirelessly to install a new system in your house on the same day or the next! We’ll even be happy to help you save money on your new equipment with a variety of discounts and financing options – just ask us how you can save, and we’ll make it happen!

What to Expect From the Brighton HVAC Pros at Home Aire Care

  • Local air conditioning repair technicians on call 24/7/365, with NO EXTRA CHARGE for weekend, holiday or after-hours service
  • 40+ years of quality service for homeowners in communities like Brighton
  • Service backed by guarantees that help ensure you & your family get the best in home comfort
  • Certified experts with G1, G2, 313A & 313D, 308A, ODP, Wardflex, and Supervisor Training Program & IHSA Health and Safety Education Program for Contractor Safety Essentials
  • Customer satisfaction comes first: average 4.6/5 rating on Google & 8.7/10 rating on HomeStars

Brighton HVAC FAQs

It is recommended that homeowners have their HVAC systems inspected by a professional at least once a year. We advise scheduling an appointment for all heating systems at the beginning of fall. In contrast, aim to have your cooling systems tuned up in the spring. Both appointments will give you enough time to prepare for the season and ensure your equipment is in tip-top shape before outdoor temperatures start to change!

Regular HVAC maintenance is advantageous for numerous reasons. Here is a closer look: 

·  Enhancing your home’s energy efficiency rating.

·  Prolonging the service life of your equipment.

·  Preventing costly repairs.

·  Ensure the quality of the indoor air you breathe is healthy for you and your family.

·  Helps maintain a consistent level of comfort in your home all year long.

So, when was the last time you had your home’s HVAC system taken care of professionally? If you can’t remember or it’s been more than a year, don’t hesitate to contact the Home Aire Care team!

Reach out to us directly over the phone or use our online booking system to reserve your time slot with us in Brighton today!

HVAC air filters should be replaced or cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that the heating and cooling system in your home operates efficiently and provides good indoor air quality. As a general rule, homeowners in Brighton should have their HVAC air filters changed or cleaned a minimum of once every three months. However, if you live with pets, we recommend doing so on a more regular basis.

Continuous filter maintenance not only improves indoor air quality but also helps your HVAC system operate as effectively as possible, saving energy and possibly prolonging the life of your system!

In a nutshell, a thermostat helps keep your home at the desired temperature by instructing your HVAC system when to work and when to rest. Here’s an explanation of how this works. 

1. The thermostat has a sensor that measures the temperature of the room.

2. The thermostat is set to the desired temperature.

3. The thermostat evaluates the current temperature to the temperature you set.

4. If the temperature becomes too high, the thermostat instructs the air conditioner to cool the air. If it gets too cold, it tells the heater to turn on.

5. The system operates until the room has reached the desired temperature, at which point it shuts down.

6. The thermostat continuously monitors the temperature so that it can restart the HVAC system if it becomes too hot or cold.

You should inspect your ducts at least once every two years or more often, preferably during routine HVAC maintenance. Inspect them again if you notice any problems, such as strange noises or poor airflow. Examine them after home renovations and before each season to ensure they are clean and unobstructed. Ultimately, regular inspections aid in preserving the indoor air quality and the overall energy efficiency of your HVAC units. 

Overdue on your air duct maintenance? Book a cleaning with Home Aire Care in Brighton today!

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“Jeff and James were very professional and neat in the installation of a new AC system. They performed the work in great time and left after final clean up. Jeff help me with the wifi app for the new thermostat and made sure I understood how it works. Great job guys keep up the good work. Thank you very much.”