Heat Pumps

A Heat Pump can result in significantly lower energy bills and better indoor
comfort. Schedule a free, no-obligation estimate with one of our comfort consultants to learn more about our entire line-up of heat pumps.

Heat Pump - Belleville Kingston Ontario

Heat Pumps

A heat pump transfers heat by circulating a substance called a refrigerant through a cycle of evaporation and condensation. We carry and install industry leading heat pump solutions. A Daikin heat pump is high-efficiency powered by a Daikin brand variable-speed compressor, ensuring that the unit can reach up to 21 SEER cooling performance, which can result in significantly lower energy bills and better indoor comfort compared to other heat pumps with a single
stage compressor.

Its proprietary Daikin Inside™ technology allows for sophisticated diagnostics and optimal performance routines. Its heavy-gauge galvanized steel enclosure with sound-control top baked enamel finish protects your system from weather conditions.

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