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New Home Comfort System Efficiencies!

It seems that rising energy costs are becoming the new norm, making energy efficiency top of mind for many homeowners.

On average, your home comfort system accounts for up to 44% of your energy bill, which is why it makes sense that your home comfort system would be the first place to look when looking to improve efficiency.

On our blog, we’re always discussing ways to help you save. From filters to programmable thermostats, you can see a difference in your monthly energy bill. However, the most impactful thing you can do to increase your energy savings is to upgrade your furnace and air conditioning to a high efficiency system.

People purchase properties and houses as investments, and your heating and cooling systems are no different. The higher the system’s efficiency, the greater the payback.

As an experienced installer of many home’s heating and cooling equipment, we know that systems reach an age where they are not providing you with the comfort and energy efficiency they should be.

For example, out dated equipment can waste 20-30 cents on every energy dollar.

Just think about the developments in technology over the past 20 years. We barely had the Internet 20 years ago and some people’s heating and cooling systems are older than that.

The initial cost may seem large, but there are flexible financial options you can use to create lower monthly payments. These payments can also be offset by the decrease in price of your monthly energy bills.

Once again, these savings are based on averages, so depending on your settings and home size, your savings could increase beyond these projections.

For a more personalized understanding of what system would best fit your needs, set up a free comfort consultation with Home Aire Care.

Energy efficiency can also provide you savings in places other than your energy bills. The IESO and our manufacturers are offering savings for home owners that are willing to upgrade to more energy efficient systems.

For any other details, click here to contact Home Aire Care today.

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