What is a SEER Rating and an AFUE Rating, and Why Do They Matter?

SEER Rating And AFUE Rating. Why Do They Matter? If you’re buying a new furnace or air conditioner, you’ll see SEER and AFUE ratings. So, what is a SEER rating and what is an AFUE rating?   SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) measures the cooling output of an air conditioner over a typical cooling season, divided by the energy it uses to do so, […]Read More

Four Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance and Why You Should Book Your Appointment Early

Book Your Air Conditioner Maintenance with Home Aire Care Ultimately, maintaining your air conditioner saves you money in repairs, replacement and utility costs. You’ll get more use from your air conditioner and it will cool your home reliably for many summers to come. Contact us at Home Aire Care to schedule your air conditioner maintenance early […]Read More

Tips from HAC for Better Efficiency

Tips From HAC For Better Efficiency Set thermostat at one temperature. Constant adjusting can cause higher utility costs. If using your thermostat as a setback type, limit the setbacks to twice a day such as when you are at work and when you are sleeping. Only setback the thermostat 6% of desired temperature. In the […]Read More

Spring Tips for Heating and Cooling

Spring Tips For Heating And Cooling Follow these tips to ensure your home has a smooth transition to the very welcome Spring Season! Fill your sump pit up to ensure your pump switches on an off correctly.  Make sure the discharge line on your sump pump is free and clear of ice and debris. Turn […]Read More

Home Comfort News for the Customers of Home Aire Care Heating and Cooling

News For Customers Of Home Aire Care Heating And Cooling Save Money on Heating and Cooling in Trenton, ON Fight Climate Change Home Aire Care is a proud Authorized GreenOn Dealer. What does that mean to you? A great opportunity to save money. To participate, an energy assessment of your home is required, and Home Aire Care can […]Read More

Fall 2017 Newsletter

Fall 2017 Newsletter – Home Aire Care Heating & Cooling Home Comfort News for the Customers of Home Air Care Heating & Cooling. Download Fall 2017 NewsletterRead More

Home Comfort Connection – Spring 2017

Home Comfort Connection – Spring 2017 Home Comfort News for the Customers of Home Air Care Heating & Cooling. Download Spring 2017 NewsletterRead More

Fall 2016 Newsletter

Fall 2016 Newsletter – Home Aire Care Heating & Cooling Home Comfort News for the Customers of Home Air Care Heating & Cooling. Download Fall 2016 NewsletterRead More

What’s Your Ideal Furnace Filter MERV Rating?

What’s Your Ideal Furnace Filter MERV Rating? Furnace filters are one of the most commonly talked about furnace components, but a lot of people still don’t know how to properly maintain them. Furnace filters catch dust, hair and other debris in the air before the air enters the blower fan in your furnace. This subsequently improves […]Read More

Energy Prices are Being Raised in Ontario

Energy Prices Are Being Raised In Ontario If it seems like energy prices are rising every six months, that’s because they are. In May, the prices were set to 16.1¢/kWh during peak hours (11:00 am to 5:00 pm), 8.0¢/kWh during off-peak hours (7:00 pm to 7:00 am) and 12.2¢/kWh during mid peak hours (7:00 am […]Read More

Never Take a Cold Shower Again

Never Take A Cold Shower Again Sometimes a cold shower can be refreshing in the summer, but don’t forget how bad they can be in the winter. It’s hard enough getting out of your warm bed, it’s only going to make it harder if you’re fourth in line for the shower and your kids used […]Read More

Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Heating Systems Available

Stay Up-to-Date With The Latest Heating Systems Available Your home’s heating system can often be a mysterious machine. Many people choose not to understand them because they don’t believe it’s their concern. They’re not wrong, you can leave that part to us, but when you’re thinking of replacing your home comfort system, you should be […]Read More

New Home Comfort System Efficiencies!

New Home Comfort System Efficiencies! It seems that rising energy costs are becoming the new norm, making energy efficiency top of mind for many homeowners. On average, your home comfort system accounts for up to 44% of your energy bill, which is why it makes sense that your home comfort system would be the first […]Read More

Fall Furnace Tune-Up with Home Aire Care

Fall Furnace Tune-Up With Home Aire Care When’s the last time you considered the state of your furnace/air conditioner. Probably when it was costing you too much money or it stopped working altogether. This is perfectly logical because the two things everyone wants in an air conditioner or furnace is comfort and efficiency. To make […]Read More

Is Your System Low On Refrigerant?

Is Your System Low On Refrigerant? Air conditioners are complicated machines, and with complicated machines come complicated problems. That’s why we’re here. In Kingston, Trenton, Belleville and the surrounding area, we diagnose your system and provide heating and/or cooling solutions. A common problem we can encounter is problems with refrigerant charge (amount). There is no […]Read More

The 3 Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

The 3 Most Common Air Conditioner Problems Summer has arrived late and with a vengeance in the Kingston/Trenton area. That means that the uncomfortable, force-you-to-turn-on-your-A/C temperatures are here. You may have turned on your air conditioner and it might not be working quite as well as you expected it to. If that is the case, […]Read More

Summer HVAC Tips

Summer HVAC Tips Summer arrived a couple weeks ago, but it’s finally starting to feel like summer. The heat has arrived and it’s already starting to affect our comfort. To combat the effects of a scorching hot summer day, we’ve got some summer cooling tips for you. Take care of these to not only keep comfortable, but […]Read More

Our New Blog Has the Answers to All Your Home Comfort Needs

Our New Blog Has the Answers To All Your Needs What’s the best way to maintain your desired comfort settings while remaining cost efficient? That’s the million-dollar question in the heating and cooling industry. Savings on your HVAC costs could mean that new screen TV you’ve been eyeing for months or that trip down south […]Read More